Why should you opt for a home based business

If you are a person who is toying with the idea of a home based business against a regular job, here are a few reasons why to opt for a home based business.


  • With a home based business, you have more time for your friends and for your family. This helps especially if you have school going children who need to be seen to when they are back from school
  • You can deduct part of your home expenses on the business like depreciation of the house, car and more. This helps with tax saving advantages too.
  • This is less risky to start and takes up less cash than if you had to start the business from some other location
  • There is an increased opportunity to earn – especially in the market where jobs are scarce.


  • As much as you work, you get compensated directly. You do not have to wait to get a raise or wait for a promotion to see that extra amount in your bank.
  • You are less stressed than when you have to be at work. This works especially if you need to take care of someone who is ill
  • You are more marketable as a home based business person has more opportunities to don different hats like that of a strategist, developer, manager, sales personnel and more.
  • It increases your productivity as time is not wasted in commuting to and fro

How to increase profits

There are various sites such as nathaniellaurent.com which also can be referred to. These sites like nathaniellaurent teach the home based business person how to increase their profits and how to expand their home based business. This way the home owner has someone to guide them especially if this is something completely new to them.