What Is The Meaning Of The Celebrity Net Worth?


It is a person who is followed by many people. Person’s profession can be acting, sports or any other field. Fans will follow his/her style, dressing sense, shoestyle, handbag carrying style etc. people mostly follow them to become trendy. They wanted to become popular like their ideal. They want to be praised in front of their friends.

They continuously browse web pages like celebritynetworth.wiki which give them insight knowledge about the celebrity. They also follow this sites to show their friends that they are the biggest fan of their liked celebrity and show other that they have gathered good knowledge about him/her.

But when they read about the celebritynetworth, do they understand the meaning of the term. For good understanding of the term, they need to understand the basic concept of finance.


celebrity net worth


  1. Asset –

Asset is the property owned by a person. it should give value to the owner.It can be house, car, jewelry, precious stone or something which owner can give to pay his/her debt. If acompany is willing to prepare abalance sheet, they need to write all their assets. Asset should be tangible which user can use in future to generate cash.

  1. Liability –

When you are running a business, you make promises to pay them their dues in future. Liabilities will be paid by proving money, goods or services. Common liability is aloan, amortgage which is taken by many businessmen now and then.

  1. Net worth is anasset of any celebrity minus liability of the celebrity. If the asset value is more and liability value is less than net worth value will increase. Suppose a person have an asset of 2 million $ and liability cost him/her 1 million $ then net worth that man have is 1 million $.