What Is 4K Resolution All About?

Meta description: If you are planning to shop for the best video camera with 4K resolution, a fundamental understanding of 4K resolution will truly help.

If you have been recently comparing cameras or video cameras in shops, you might have come across the term ‘4K resolution’. This is a video specification that means 4000. The name it has is from nearly 4000 pixels of footage width.

Detailed than before:

4K resolution is much more detailed as compared to anything that you have seen before early in your life. Nowadays, 4K resolution is a term that we find in many things like Blu-Ray discs, online streaming, and digital television. As compared to the earlier standards, the footage is detailed with respect to High Definition. It even looks better when viewed on a large television and brings in crisp images.


Even, the best quality 1080 pixel HD footage is just 1920 pixels across. 4K is considerably more detailed as it has double pixels horizontally and nearly four times as many pixels as a whole. You can find a huge collection of 4K resolution cameras, video recorders, and camcorders at Epfilms.


The term 4K is used for describing a couple of varied, though very identical standards. You will come across Ultra High Definition or UHD, which is the new standard in 4K. A video with such a resolution is dignified to turn out to be the new benchmark both for recording and for watching videos. Moreover, it brings a wide range of benefits right away.

In a 4K resolution camera, television or a camcorder, you will get incredibly sharp footage. The quality will be better as compared to a 1080 pixel display. To future-proof your professional photography, the best thing you can do is to invest right away on a 4K camcorder. It will surely bring an improvement to your photography profession. You can achieve this with EP Films.