What are the kinds of ladies handbags

If you go to sites such as diophy.com.sg you will see a variety of different kinds of ladies handbags of various designers and brand.These sites usually have different categorizations of ladies handbags and here are the broad categories regarding what ladies handbags can usually be classified into –

Classification of handbags –

Diophy and other sites have ladies handbags classified and categorized on the basis of the silhouette as well as the kind of handle that the bag has. Based on the silhouettes of the bags the main categories are –

  • A Baguette – This refers to the purse which is rectangular in shape and small as well as narrow and it resembles the French loaf which is called the baguette and so these bags are called a baguette as well.
  • Barrel – These kind of handbags are shaped like a closed tube or a barrel and hence the name. These usually come with straps which are shoulder length.



  • Bowling bag purse – These kinds of bags were very popular in the 1990s as they were modeled based on the bags which were used to carry bowling balls in and these are the retro style bags which younger women prefer.
  • Bucket bags – These bags are literally shaped like a bucket and they are either medium or large sized ones and they have shoulder straps. These bags are closed using a drawstring.
  • Clutch bags – The handbags which do not have handles and which have a detachable chain strap are called clutch bags These bags are generally rectangular in shape and they are used as evening bags. However, they can also double up as day bags as well.

These are just few of the categorizations of bags based on the silhouette. There are also categorizations based on the handle and for the specific use they are put to as well.