Theaso: Marketing for a newbie app is crucial

With over two millions apps in the market, the creator of an app is expected to feel jittery before launching his app in the market. Many apps have died down in their initial stages and many are still continuing and progressing with new added features. The cutthroat competition makes the app builder play safe while launching his app.

Marketing Plan

Marketing for the launch of an app is extremely important and to take help of advisors is not a bad idea. After paying a small amount if one is able to make flawless entry then the paid fees is negligible. is one of sites available to plan the launch of the app.

App Store Optimization is an important element in constructing mobile app. Out of sight is out of mind is proved correct in this scenario. The visibility in the app store guarantees the maximum number of download and popularity of the app.


Creativity generates

Advertising for it which not like thrusting or pushing to the consumer is what the aso guys work upon. Creativity generates visibility and in turn familiarity. Huge amount of confidence comes in when the product knows us.

To attract traffic in the play store emphasis is given to the writing of an introduction of an app.

Maximum usage of keywords with using abbreviations to make less count of words is structured. Expertise’s who have immense experience in writing good and attracting columns are hired and thus maximum information using minimum word count is achieved.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews where no control exists but with optimum customer care and prompt feedback the goodwill for the app can be earned. To set up a low cost and hardworking team of customer care the marketing planning is a must.

So before launching an app weight of marketing cannot be denied.