The basic stepsof organic mobile growth

If you have been in the mobile app industry you will already know about the organic mobile growth. This is the process of increasing the number of downloads from the mobile app store (App Store and Google PlayStore). There are companies like theaso who can give you guidance in this. But if you know some simple tips you can achieve this easily. The app store optimization (ASO) is like search engine optimization that uses keywords to optimize the content on a website.

Build a website: Whenever you start a work you should start from the basics. A mobile app developer should have a website from which the user can get the information about the application and also should be able to download from it. The most important point here is that the website should be mobile optimized or else we cannot use it for future optimization.


the aso


Attracting users to your mobile app: This is easy if you have a mobile optimized site. If you check the websites like you will understand that the number of downloads is directly proportional to the profit of the company. For example, adding a smart banner in your website can do magic and you will see an increase in the number of downloads. The benefit here is that the user does not have to go to the App store to download the mobile app.

Retention of the current users:  You should always pitch for new users but retaining the existing customers is also important as gaining new customers. Make sure that the application is programmed in a way to give the user a personalized experience.

The ASO: The most effective way to increase the number of downloads is by hiring App store optimization experts like  A company that follows these basic will go very far in the field of organic mobile growth.