Should kratom usage be legalised – a question

In the present world of extensive technological advancement, merely anything has been left that has not got its negative impacts minimized. Huge atom bombs and nuclear weapons may have threatened the future of society, but measures to avoid the risks associated with their exposure are available with the mankind too. Thus, with a success oriented human approach, the planet Earth has its creatures protected from the negative consequences of any subject matter.

Kratom – a serious concern?

Among the deciduous forests of the South East Asia originated the herb of Mitragyna Speciosa, known primarily for the treatment of Opioid Dependence, Premature Ejaculation and Musculo skeletal Pains. The herb has got more than 40 compounds in its leaves, thus being widely used by a part of the world population to kill down their illnesses ranging from cough, diarrhea to energy and appetite loss. The tribes of South East Asia depend upon the herb KratomEmporium for the treatment of their diseases. Hovering over such benefits, one would surely prescribe its usage a matter of destined privilege.


But, the medical researches have shown that no extract of the herb can be practically infused with modern medicated compounds to serve the human population. Instead the side effects caused by its usage including nausea, addiction, high heart rate and respiratory depression defy its usage. Above all, its availability as a substitute to drugs has made it illegal to use in many nations including Australia, Thailand, Burma, Germany, Russia and Denmark.

Way out

Looking at medicinal advancements,it would not be difficult to extract out the harmless compounds out of Kratom leaves, leaving behind the potentially harmful ones. Even it was reported that over 40 million American look for the herb for the betterment of their chronic pains, hence it has been given legalized in America.