Persuasive Communication to Bring Actual Business Results

About the Expert:

There are various businesses which struggle to flourish in today’s highly competitive and globalized world. The clients are fast growing and the approach to sustain in the business is different for each different business owners. Understanding the requirements of the client and analyzing their actual problem and providing the best solution are some of the critical factors that client look for when they make a deal with other business sales providers.

The Audience for the Workshop:

Many businesses and their senior executive lack in understanding one or more of the client’s perspective of doing their business and their requirement. Elliot Epstein is one of the top specialized speaker who has expertise in persuasive communication and has over 25 years of experience in this field who has addressed over 900 business conferences where the audiences include CEOs and other senior business executives from top firms in the country.

The profile of Elliot Epstein is impressive with his wide experience and the unique way of conducting his conferences in an engaging manner. The solutions and the strategies of Epstein are really working for the businesses and many of the senior executives are happy with the workshop and they highly recommend this to other businesses who wants to grow and maximize the potential of their businesses.

Topics Covered in Session:

Elliot is a master in offering the persuasive speech to the business and the following are some of the key topics that he covers in his workshop.

  • Outplaying competitors in winning clients and bonding with the client emotionally.
  • Confessions based on real life incident to demonstrate the possibility of winning a deal with unwinnable client.
  • The efficiency of critical leadership communication and the importance of engaging the audience with powerful presentation and storytelling.
  • Striking a Win-Win Negotiation deal that benefits both the stakeholders involved in the deal.

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