New Techniques for Meditation in the Modern World

A healthy mind gives power and stability to the thinking process and avoids depression and anxiety. We all try to keep our mind free from negativity and make it full of energy. Different people all over the world try different therapies and methods and one of the ancient is meditation. Though many religion follow the practice, this age old tradition paved its way from Hinduism. The Vedas have the earliest records of this practice, also ancient Taoist China and Buddhist India too practiced the same but in a modified way.

Meditation helps

  • It is food for soul. Our soul is said to be very sensitive and fragile and at the same time strong as a rock. So we need to nurture and take care to rejuvenate it.
  • Meditation keeps the mind stable and clears from negativity. The reasoning power develops and the outlook towards issues turns positive.
  • To gain control and recreation of the mind.



Hurdles in making meditation a daily habit

  • Mind travels faster than anything so to concentrate is a big task. Repeated trial and error makes it demotivating.
  • To chalk out time from the routine is not very easy. Time slots needs to be adjusted and strong motivation required.
  • Proper guidance and tutorials is not available and the correct method is not followed making it cumbersome.


New techniques as multi-meditation is available

This type of meditation programs are built to eliminate the existing hitches commonly faced by people.

It is designed by introducing different types of meditations where color, sound, concentration power, fractology and other which effects the mind are involved.

Timings are also advised and one can practice it according to his suitable timings. Sitting postures are also relaxed and not restricted. To get a detailed information try to login their page at