Invest with Surety with A list partners

Are you Looking for an investment plan, which gives you high surety, and keep away anxiety from you the market ups and downs. Here we are for you guys the list partners a name you can bank upon like your trustworthy friends.

As all of us know the risks of investing in real estate market and who don’t want to be sure about his/her investments. If you care for your future and family then come to us we will guide you through the best possible plans for investments in the market. We provide expert solutions to your investments dilemmas, which push you the wall.


a list partners


Why A list Partners?

We are the company who gives you the best services across this field. Investing in real estate market can be a subject of risks, which can put you and your family in a situation where you have to compromise your terms of working and investing. But with a list partners, expert solutions are given with subject experts of the field. We provide a number of debt and equity services and you just have to choose from them to make your investments secure which yields you highly beneficial results.

Types of Funds in the real estate market:

There are various types of funds in which you can invest in the real estate market.

  1. Real Estate Investment Fund

Under this fund, securities are filed with the D rule 506B regulations. This fund was created to sum up the high yields of diversifications in the real estate investments, which simultaneously reduce a number of barriers for the investors who have been navigating through the market.

  1. Regional centre Fund

This fund is a hybrid fund, which yields the high benefits to all the investors who are willing to reap the fruit of boom session in the market. It is filed under the 506C regulation rule.

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