Important Things to Remember about Foundation for Defence of Democracies

The foundation focused completely on national security issues, and foreign policies are built by Mark Dubowitz and named as Foundation for Defence of Democracies. It is mainly based in Washington and is commonly known as nonpartisan or as non-conservative politically.

Foundation for Defence of Democracies has events all through the year like:

  • Washington Forum
  • Briefings on Capitol Hill
  • Expert roundtables for public officials
  • Diplomats
  • Military officers
  • Book releases
  • Panel discussions

Donors of FDD:

In the year 2011, due to publications, Foundation for Defence of Democracy’s donors was revealed for the years between 2001 and 2004. The donors included are:

  • Roland Arnall has donated almost a sum of $1,802,000
  • Edgar M.and Charles Bronfman together donated almost $1,050,000
  • Michael Steinhardt has donated almost $850,000
  • Abramson Family Foundation has donated a sum of around $822,523
  • Bernard Marcus has donated about $600,000
  • Lewis Ranieri has donated around $350,000
  • Paul Singeris a great donor for FDD too.

These are the major donors of Foundation for Defence of Democracy, but there are many others who are contributing to it as well.

FDD and Iran:

The main objective of Mark Dubowitz is to teach or spread awareness amongst people about the political issues or elite works going on in Iran and Syria. Foundation for the defence of democracy is known to do that through different servers like attacking Iran’s media operations, their financial records, their records with the US and Europe. Another thing they track is how they are mixing with the terrorist groups, if any.

Being said all this, it is important to note that one has to read thoroughly in order to have full knowledge about the organisation and its working. You will have to check different data to know important things apart from these.