How to Compose an Attractive Title before Writing a Research Paper?

Title matters the most when it comes to attracting audience to read your research paper and to achieve high grades. Writing a title seems a cakewalk, but it needs a lot of thought and inspiration.

It goes without saying that readers get attracted to research paper titles when they search through reference sections and databases. According to thetitle, they decide what research papersare all about and whether it relates to what they are searching. All in all, an attractive research paper title –

  • Concludes the content in few words
  • Makes research paper stand out of others on thesame subject
  • Grabs the eyes of readers

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Here’s how to write a title –

  • Keep it Simple, Appealing, and Short

Providing an exact conclusion of the actual content is the main function of the title. So, thetitle should be clear and concise. Instead of complicated, unnecessary details and noun-based terms, be sure to use active verbs. In a research paper, a good title is up to 10 to 12 words long. If a title is longer than that, it may keep readers away from your research paper as it seems unfocused.

  • Use Proper Expressive Words

Include keywords that can define the type of study and used in manuscript before writing a good research paper. Consider the terms that are widely used by people to search for your research and use them.

  • No Abbreviations Please

You may want to use some of the common abbreviations like NATO, AIDS, etc. But you should avoid some specific or lesser-known jargon and abbreviations which most readers don’t know.


Always consider the above tips when composing the attractive titles before you write the theory. It would help attract the readers to pay attention to your research paper.

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