History Makers of the Day: Changed the rules

In recent times, there has been a different approach to make money in the business field and that is startup, a business which works in this virtual world of the internet and people are using thousands of the apps per day to make the whopping amount of money to these entrepreneurs whose celebnetworth going up day by day by the margin of billions. This change is the sign of the modern technology and the proof of the creativity of some of the finest minds in this world.


Tycoons in 30s

Entrepreneurs are making difference to this world in a quite different approach. Many of the entrepreneurs are in their 30s but they are going to surpass the finest business like Bill Gates, Warren buffet in the field of money making by their innovations.

Here, is a list which comprises the names of a few history makers in the field of startups.

Let’s start with the founder of the Facebook which a social networking site which has changed the way of communication in a couples of months of its launch worldwide and his name is Mark Zuckerberg whose celebrity net worth is $ 47 billion in his 30s.

Next young gun in this list is the founder of What’s App the app which revolutionized the way of mobile communication in a couple of months and this app is very popular among the masses from children to old persons. The founder of the What’s App is Jan Kaum, in his 30s he made his celebrity net worth to a whopping amount i.e. $ 9 billion when facebook acquired the What’s app.

Drew Houston, the founder and the CEO of the Dropbox, whose celebrity net worth is $ 1.4 billion as per celebnetworth.wiki. Dropbox is a file sharing site which helps to share and store files on the internet.