Asian Beauty Wengie – Makes Life Beautiful

A real beauty patternbegins entirely from top to bottom– the reason Wengie, entrepreneur of“The Wengie World”,, and starts every day with a cup of herbal tea to muster energy loaded with antioxidants. Wengie always loves to eat food that is good and rich in skinnourishment to maintain her complexion bright, shiny and lustrous, and avoid makeup completelyother thanwhen she goes out or for filming.

About Wengie-Beauty Guru

Wendy Huang is an Australian-Chinese beauty guru and YouTube Personality and social media popular star who soared to stardom after handling Australia’s top blog, “The Wonderful World of Wengie”. She attainedmassivepopularity by showcasing videos related to beauty, health & diet and style. Life of Wengie and wengieofficial are the two You Tube channels that Wengie owns. There are more than 35K subscribers for wengieofficial and for LifeOfWengie channel there are more than 120K subscribers.

The Australia beauty posts shares great deal of tutorials, analysis and trends on her site. She started her career working for digital marketing consultancy helping clients in creating their own blogs and in social media. Slowly she developed interest over that and started to create her own posts. Then she got obsessed with makeup and fashion and also interiors and got much information from the media about American and Australian products. Her favorite beauty trends is to have a clear and glowing skin with natural makeup.

Piece of advice from Wengie

Wengie’s biggest word of suggestion is when someone looks for fame, don’t try to achieve through glam or glory rather through going to an arts school. She feels that blogging is a great milestone to put hold on their careers for a lot of people, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or acting. Behaveprofessional and love your followers and make them as a priority to be successful in your life.