An App for Your Weight Loss &Not for Loss of Inner Peace

A lot has been written already about weight loss, however what works best is an objective approach

My Story

I have been trying to lose weight since ages. A lot of help was offered from every corner of the world, and I followed a lot of advice, only to add a couple of pounds.

Control Your Mind & it Will Control Your Body 

I went back to square one because of the emotional binging that happened. My food intake was low; the problem was the steady intake of junk food. My body would feel stressed over the thought of working out. Until one day, I decided that enough is enough.




Finding the Right Help

It is not easy to get the right help. My experience says that a lot of suggestions will pour in from every corner; however, the best solution is the one which is least taxing and time consuming.

Kyla Itsines App

My best bet is Kyla Itsines app. I went through the reviews available on websites like and decided to take the plunge.

Review of the App

In case you have been trying to put your weight under control since many years, then this is the app for you.

The App specifically targets people who are obese, and who have been trying to cope up with weight issues.

It is well designed, and has a lot of common sense! The user interface is smooth, and one thing will lead to the next, in the right order of succession. For example, what you should eat along with a specific exercise routing is mentioned simultaneously.

Food items for vegetarians are suggested as well. For me, who is a herbivores creature, this was the best boon!

Available on all mobile platforms: Android, Windows & Mac

The flip side can be the cost though, as this is a paid app. However, I felt that it was quite helpful and effective, as most of the free apps do not offer you a practical guide with pictures.

Go for it. It is worth the bang!